NSF Summer Science Institute at Jarvis Christian College

There will be a Summer Science Institute at Jarvis Christian College in Hawkins, Texas for Juniors and Seniors. The program will allow early college enrollment and the earning of college credits. There are NO FEES for students or their parents. The program begins June 9, 2013 and ends July 18, 2013. Students will live on the campus of Jarvis Christian College. Tuition is PAID. Room and Board fees are PAID. Students will also receive a STIPEND to cover costs of attending, security deposits and application fee. The college credits received are transferable.

Students can take and receive credits for:

ENVR 1401–Introduction to Environmental Science with emphases on Botany, Entomology, Aquatics, or Bioinformatics (4 hours)

BIOL 4491–Research Techniques in Biology (2 hours)

Students will be picked up from here and transported to Hawkins, Texas by Jarvis Christian College School Personnel. They will also be brought back home. There are NO FEES for transportation.

Students that are interested need to see Mrs. Gillespie for an application or you can visit the website at www.easttexasnaturalhistory.blogspot.com


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